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Artist Mentoring

Making it in the recording industry requires more than talent these days. The industry, which has always been complex and unwieldy, now requires a seasoned guide to make sure the budding artist stays unwavering in their drive for success. The most effective way for an artist to acquire the savvy and skill needed to navigate the industry is through artist mentoring. With mentoring, the artist is paired with an industry insider and professional who has accumulated a great amount of experience and understanding of the industry and how it works. For the beginning artist, this means they are given the information it took the mentor years of experience and hard knocks to understand and master. This gives a new talent an invaluable leg up in the industry. If you are an aspiring talent looking for this valuable service in the Denver, CO area, make an appointment to meet with us at Life Time Management. We are located in Denver, CO and are nearby to Commerce City, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, and the rest of the surrounding areas.

At Life Time Management, we understand what lies ahead for you in the music industry. We also know and understand all the situations and decisions that you will need to make in the future. Allow us to use artist mentoring as a way to ensure your steady, unfettered growth in your career. We are dedicated to your success.

Getting to know and converse with people who know the music industry and all the things that a new artist should know going into it is invaluable. Learn from others who have already gone through what you are likely to experience in the future, and ask any questions you can think of. We are dedicated to helping you become a better artist and one who is prepared to make the most of the industry.

Video Submission

If you are a band or artist in the Aurora, CO area looking to establish your music and build a huge fan base, you need to know about the power of a music video. Videos are the internet’s favorite medium, and an overwhelming 64% of all material consumed online is in video format. Getting your music viewed and heard and having a much better chance of becoming established can be vastly helped by having a video. At Life Time Management, we will make sure your video gets submitted to all the key video submission sites so that it stands a great chance of going viral. One of the best ways for new artists to get their music noticed is via this route. Great videos have been the making of a lot of artists currently experiencing widespread fame. Breaking into the music industry is difficult, and it is important to make use of all the resources available to help you achieve your career goals. If you are ready to move to the next stage of your career development, give us a call. We are in the greater Aurora, CO area including the areas of Southlands, Loveland, and Boulder.

Recording a great video is just one aspect of the journey to success. You need to make sure that your video appears on just the right platforms so that more people can view and share it. Life Time Management are experts at video submission and making sure your work gets exactly where it needs to be for maximum exposure.

A lot of your online success comes from knowing exactly which platforms to work with to maximize your results. We make it our business to know and understand the best platforms to use for our artists’ work. Allow us to make the submissions that will benefit your career and music the most. Getting you an expanded fan base and outreach is our ultimate goal. When you are ready to get started on moving your career forward, call us to book an appointment!

Submit your Music Now

NOTE: If your submission is over 20mb we would advise sharing your through a share link instead to ensure that we could access it. (field beside the attachment field). Make sure your share link is publicly accessible.

    Artist Marketing

    When it comes to making it in the music industry, many factors are involved. Talent definitely has a lot to do with it, but so does image and promotion. If you want to make sure that your band gets recognized and people begin to take notice and show up at your gigs and events and buy your music, artist marketing must play a big part in your career development. If you are an artist or a band in the Commerce City, CO area, reach out to us at Life Time Management. We can use our skills and talent in marketing, as well as our substantial experience in the music industry to help you grow your fan base. We have created a multimedia strategy that will get you noticed via gigs, online promotion, social media, and video. We will get you and your music out there for people to see and hear. When it comes to making it in the business, getting noticed and heard is what it is all about. Allow us to guide and mentor you, and make sure your music is available to the public on a variety of different mediums. We are located in Denver, which puts us nearby to Centennial, Golden, Greeley, and the greater Commerce City, CO area.

    In this digital age of rapid and effective imagery, an artist is only as successful as his or her marketing plan. At Life Time Management, we are experts at artist marketing on all mediums. Allow us to use our talent, experience, and expertise to devise the perfect marketing plan for you or your band based on your image and your work.

    We are dedicated to bringing out the most creativity and artistry from our talents. Contact us and let’s get together and talk about your plans for your career!

    Music Video Branding

    If you are in the Highlands Ranch, CO area and are either looking for a music video to associate with your product brand or an artist or band interested in connecting with a brand or product to help in the production of your video, Life Time Management can help you. We are an artist management company that can help you when it comes to music video branding. Associate your product with an up and coming band and gain more reach and thrust for your product. Align yourself with a product or brand to help you create a video you and your band can be proud of. Both of these areas are fields of expertise for our talented team of music professionals. Allow us to conjure up just the right match to make both sides equally happy with the collaborative effort. Video is the most exciting medium in marketing today and both businesses and artists are reaping the mutual benefits. We are an excellent local management company which is nearby to the Boulder, Southland, Golden, and Highlands Ranch, CO areas. Call us for a consultation today!

    Connecting music or a music video with a brand that wants to get the word out about its brand or product can be a match made in heaven. It provides the revenue you need to create a great video and get your work out there while creating the perfect platform for a brand to show their product to a new audience. Allow Life Time Management to take care of your band’s music video branding!

    Working with a company and its brand is another way to get your music heard and give you a wider reach and audience. We can help you explore this area of the music industry and push our efforts to make your music more recognizable. Make an appointment to meet with us and discuss your prospects and goals soon!

    Online Studio

    Today, the internet is a sea of creativity, and one can do any and everything imaginable online. For artists in the Boulder, CO area, you may be pleased and surprised to learn that you can make use of an online studio to record your music. At Life Time Management, we offer a fully equipped online studio with all the facilities associated with a standalone recording studio. Are you looking to have a remix done? It can be taken care of at our online studio. In fact, whether you want your music produced, recorded, or both, we have the technology that will allow you to do it all beautifully online. We offer the ultimate online recording experience for you with virtual instruments to accent your recording. Every essential part of professional recording is now available for you with our online studio. We are a Denver-based operation offering recording services to artists in the Greeley, Golden, Centennial and Boulder, CO areas. Take advantage of this unique technology to take off with your music career. We represent various management and mentoring facets of the music industry.

    Recording via an online studio represents the ultimate in personal freedom for the artist. Everything you need is available to you at your own time and on your own terms. If this sounds like something you would like to try for yourself or your musical group, make an appointment with us at Life Time Management.

    You lose none of the advantages of a top recording facility when you choose to record or remix your music online. We offer great tools for you to work with including virtual instruments. You can make the music you want with everything you need to sound professional at your own convenience. If this sounds like a setup you’d like to try, give us a call, and we will discuss any questions that you might have. We look forward to helping you.

    Music Video Submission

    Are you looking to make a big impact with your band’s music in Greeley, CO area? Creating a music video is an excellent way to bring attention to you and the music you are doing to a wider audience. Video is an exciting format and viral videos have made entertainers overnight celebrities. The key to maximizing this method of marketing is to make sure the video is found on key video platforms to make sure that the highest number of people have access to it. At Life Time Management, we will make sure your music video submission reaches all the right people and that the platforms showing your video will give it the best chance for widespread success. We are the area’s foremost artist management company, and we offer a myriad of ways to increase your reach, audience, and fan base. If you are looking to move forward with your career goals, we are the company you want to talk to. We are conveniently located and nearby to areas which include Boulder, Southlands, Centennial, and Greeley, CO. Give us a call to speak with us today!

    Allow us to make sure that your music gets to the right place to work to your best advantage. At Life Time Management, we are always looking out for our artists’ best interests and helping them to move towards their career goals. When you want the best music video submission, we are the folks you need to work with.

    If you are a recording artist today, modern technology and particularly the internet is your friend. The mediums available to you give you fantastic reach and the ability to take your music to areas musicians in earlier times simply didn’t have. Take advantage of all that is available to you in your efforts to attain success. We will work with you every step of the way. Give us a call for a consultation today!

    Top 100 Radio Submission

    There is a large number of radio stations across the country. However, there are only so many recording stations that are considered to be influential and helpful for artists. This cadre of stations has made new artists famous by putting their music in their rotation. Out of this group of radio stations, there are only so many which will take unsolicited submissions. The ones who will accept music can be very helpful to your music career. If you are an artist in the Loveland, CO area, Life Time Management can make a big difference for you. We are a strong mentoring and management team that helps new artists increase their reach and recognition across various mediums. We can help you with our top 100 radio submission to get your music heard and listened to. If this sounds like the kind of action you’ve been looking for to push your music career forward, we’d like to speak with you. We are locally owned and operated, and are close to Southlands, Boulder, Centennial, and the greater Loveland, CO area. Why not get your music career off to a great start by consulting with us and learning all the many ways we can be of assistance to you?

    Getting your music out to prominent radio stations that will include it in their rotation is a primary step in your drive to career success. We are able to make sure that your music is offered to the top 100 radio submission outlets which take unsolicited material. Lifetime Management is always looking out for and promoting your best interests.

    A big part of succeeding in the music industry is to know who can help you and where to take your talents. With years of combined experience in the music industry, we are qualified to take you and your music exactly where you need to be for you to be a successful artist. If you’re ready to move your music career forward, give us a call!

    USA URBAN (TOP 100)

    100 of the biggest market Urban radio stations in the US. Includes all BDS/Mediabase monitored, or indicator stations. Urban stations play Urban and Hip-Hop hits, with a inner city sound and approach. Core artists include Wiz Khalifa, T.I., Beyonce, Chris Browne, Ne-Yo.


    100 of the biggest market Rhythmic stations. Includes all BDS/Mediabase monitored, and Indicator stations. Primarily, these stations play the Urban and Hip-Hop hits, but with a Top 40 presentation and sound. Core artists include Akon, T-Pain, Ciara, Sean Kingston.

    USA-AC(TOP 100)

    100 of the biggest market Adult Contemporary (AC) stations in the US. Includes all BDS/Mediabase monitored stations. These stations play adult oriented popular songs that are hits from other formats. With few exceptions there is no rap or rock programmed at these stations. Core artists include Michael Buble and Celine Dion, but include artists that have crossed over from the Top 40 and Hot AC stations. AC radio stations are usually the first to play Holiday Music, some beginning around Thanksgiving.


    100 of the top Gospel radio stations across the US including all of the BDS and Mediabase monitored panel. These stations play music from artists such as Bebe and CeCe Winans, MaryMary, and Deitrick Haddon


    100 of the biggest market Active Rock stations in the US. Includes all BDS/Mediabase monitored Active Rock stations. These stations rock harder than the alternative outlets, but there is overlap of songs at both formats. Core artists include Seether, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold.


    Hundreds of top College radio stations across the country including Mediaguide monitored stations and those with the biggest markets and/or signal power. These stations generally have multiple DJs who program many styles of music into their individual shows. Many of these stations have Block programming, which includes several hours of a certain style of music each week, including Alternative, Rock, Acoustic, Americana, Dance, Reggae, Hip Hop, Jazz, Urban, Electronic, and more.


    Country stations across Canada. These stations play artists like Paul Brandt, Carrie Underwood, and Lady Antebellum. (163 Destinations)

    Submit your Music Now

    NOTE: If your submission is over 20mb we would advise sharing your through a share link instead to ensure that we could access it. (field beside the attachment field). Make sure your share link is publicly accessible.


      Branding is a very important aspect of any business, product, or profession. Your brand represents you and everything that you stand for. If you are a business, your brand may represent the products or services you offer to the public. If you are a professional, your brand represents your skill and knowledge in your given profession. For those who are artists in Southlands, CO, your brand represents your music, your body of work, and the value your music brings to the world. In this digital age, it’s very important to protect your brand and make sure that any information that becomes available to the public does something to enhance the power of that brand. This is where Life Time Management comes in. We are a local artist management and mentoring company, and understanding and promoting our artists’ brands are what we do best. We are dedicated to your success, and we do everything within our power to ensure that the image that is out there is positive in every way. If you’re interested, make an appointment to come in and speak with us. We are nearby to Centennial, Boulder, Golden, and Southlands, CO.

      Life Time Management specializes in the successful branding of our artists’ music. You are your brand, and we will work in every way possible to enhance and protect it for you. Our watchful eye will ensure that no mistakes are made that will affect your brand adversely in the future.

      Your intellectual property is your product, and as an artist, you must do everything in your power to protect it and make it stronger. With our talent, experience, and dedication to our artists, we are in a great position to help you achieve that goal. We’d like to sit down with you and see what you have in mind for your music career. Call us today!

      Artist Management

      Are you a music performer in the Golden, CO area who is looking for management representation? If you are, make sure the management team you choose to work with have your best interests at heart. This means mentoring you in a way that will help you avoid all the pratfalls that are out there to trip up artists who are new to the industry. It’s an unfortunate fact that many careers have been shortened due to a lack of good artist management and guidance. At Life Time Management, we guide you and work to help you set the right goals, and make the right decisions for your career. We manage and promote on all media levels. Whether it’s getting your music played on one of the top stations, submitting your video to the platforms where it has the chance to go viral, or making sure you get great gigs, you can count on us to be there for you. You can also count on us to be aware of all the modern technology that is available to you such as our online studio. We’re a local company serving artists in the Loveland, Southlands, Centennial, and the Golden, CO areas.

      When you are ready to start looking for great artist management, make sure you choose a team with the experience and industry gravitas to benefit you the most. At Life Time Management, that is exactly what we offer. We mentor young artists to maximize their artistry and take advantage of all the opportunities that present themselves and allow them to achieve greater success.

      If you are looking for excellent artist representation in the area, we are a hard team to beat. We are dedicated to the ultimate development of our artists and will do everything we can to help you succeed. Let’s sit down, go over your goal, and discuss how we can help you get where you’d like to be career-wise!

      TV and Film Placements

      There are many ways to make your music better known and heard by more people than performing and recording. One great way to get your music out there is as source music for television and film productions. This is the background music you hear in a film or on your favorite show. Getting your music used as source comes at the end of a complex and long process ending with the music supervisor who meets with the filmmaker to decide on the music that will be used in his or her film. At Life Time Management, we specialize in getting our artists TV and film placements. We are a local management and mentoring company that is dedicated to the promotion and development of artists. Placements can be very lucrative to the musicians who get them and can become a strong side or even primary source of income, depending on your goals. If you’ve been looking for a great management team, you’ll find none stronger in the entire area than us. Make an appointment to sit down and talk with us today. We are nearby in Denver and just a short drive away for folks in Southlands, Golden, Boulder, and the greater Centennial, CO area.

      Have you ever heard a song in a movie or on a television show that you waited through the credit just to see who the artist was? That is the power of TV and film placements. They can be very helpful for your career goals, and Life Time Management will assist you in getting them!

      We are dedicated to developing and preparing new artists for strong and successful careers in the music industry. If you are a band or artist without representation, we can take care of that for you right away. Call us today, so we can set up an appointment for us to sit down and talk. We want to know what your goals for your career are, and show you all the ways we can help you!

      Cities We Serve

      • Denver, CO
      • Aurora, CO
      • Commerce City, CO
      • Highlands Ranch, CO
      • Boulder, CO
      • Greeley, CO
      • Loveland, CO
      • Southlands, CO
      • Golden, CO
      • Centennial, CO

      Prices for Video And Radio submission.

      Admin fee of $50.00 will be added for processing.  

      Video Destination Packages

      BET $85

      Christmas Radio (USA) $195

      CMT $85

      Country Video Package $239

      Great American Country (GAC) $85

      MTV Latin America $85

      MTV Networks $85

      Music Choice $85

      Pop/Rock Video Package $239

      Urban Video Package $239

      USA – Alternative Rock (Top 100) $295

      USA – CHR/Top 40 (Top 100) $295

      USA – Latin Radio (Top 100) $199

      USA – Urban AC (Top 100) $295

      Audio Destination Packages

      Christmas Radio (CAN) $395

      Christmas Radio (USA) $195

      Global Pop Bloggers $295

      USA – AC (Top 100) $295

      USA – Active Rock (Top 100) $295

      USA – Alternative Rock (Top 100) $295

      USA – CHR/Top 40 (Top 100) $295

      USA – Classic Rock (Top 100) $295

      USA – College (Top 100) $295

      USA – Contemporary Christian$295

      USA – Country (Top 100) $295

      USA – Gospel (Top 100) $295

      USA – Hot AC (Top 100) $295

      USA – Latin Radio (Top 100) $199

      USA – Mainstream Rock (Top 100) $220

      USA – Rhythmic (Top 100) $295

      USA – Triple A (Top 100) $295

      USA – Ultimate College Package $450

      USA – Urban (Top 100) $295

      USA – Urban AC (Top 100) $295

      Canada – AC (Full Format) $649

      Canada – AC (Top 50) $150

      Canada – Active Rock Top 50 $150

      Canada – Alt/Modern Rock Top 30 $90

      Canada – Campus/Community (Full Format) $499

      Canada – CHR/Top 40 (Full Format) $465

      Canada – CHR/Top 40 (Top 50) $150

      Canada – Christian (Full Format) $185

      Canada – Country (Full Format) $529

      Canada – Country (Top 50) $150

      Canada – French (Full Format) $499

      Canada – Hot AC (Full Format) $549

      Canada – Hot AC (Top 50) $150

      Canada – Jazz (Full Format) $99

      Canada – Programming Consultants $95

      Canada – Rock (Full Format) $439

      Canada – Rock (Top 50) $150

      Canada – Urban (Full Format) $99

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