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Making it in the recording industry requires more than talent these days. In fact, there is a need for music marketing in cities such as Denver for aspiring artists to have a chance at success. The industry, which has always been complex and unwieldy, now requires a seasoned guide to make sure the budding artist stays unwavering in their drive for success. The most effective way for an artist to acquire the savvy and skill needed to navigate the industry is through artist management and mentoring.

With management and mentoring, the artist is paired with an industry insider and music marketing professional who has accumulated a great amount of experience and understanding of the industry and how it works. For the beginning artist, this means they are given the information it took the mentor years of experience and hard knocks to understand and master. This gives a new talent living in areas like Denver and its nearby cities an invaluable leg up in the industry.

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Here at Life Time Management, we are always looking to identify music marketing trends that we can capitalize on for the benefit of our representatives based in Denver and its surrounding areas, and the company.


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We provide artist mentoring, music marketing, and all around artist management solutions to a wide range of different clients, may they be from Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, or other nearby areas. Take a look at what we offer by clicking on the services below.

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Whether you need help with music video branding, music marketing, or TV and film placements, Life Time Management is dedicated to helping you and others throughout the city of Denver to become a better artist and one who is prepared to make the most of the industry.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Hear what our previous clients from Denver and nearby areas have to say about our music marketing services by checking out these reviews and messages.

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A million thanks to Mrs Linda James, who made my life change. forex/bitcoin trade is really a complex one but with the help of Mrs Linda James, strategy and signal I have been able to recover my lost in such a short while with just an investment of $500 be sure to withdraw $5,600 within the week of your investment and it was wonderful.

— From an Aspiring Artist

A great way to get more recognized. If you are looking for that push, you should definitely consider them. Pricing is fair, service is exceptional.

— From an Aspiring Artist

I would recommend Life Time Management to anyone starting out wanting to get a little more noise in their area. They are very easy to work with.

— Tony Boy
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We Are Dedicated To Your Success.

Allow Life Time Management to utilize music marketing, as well as artist management and mentoring as a way to ensure your steady, unfettered growth in your career. Simply put, we are dedicated to your success.

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